Sunday, August 21


let's skip bout my sista.

i need new camera. dslr xmo ah. xkan nk g mane2 smua nk bwk dslr. gila poyo. HAHA..
camera camera camera. kene sbut brp kali bru dpt ea ?

Saturday, August 20

last days ;]

this is mr. donald ellman :] yeah, of course he's taller than me. im terribly short. thank you. kah2. this time, act he was doing his work. and i knock his door. eventhough im not his steward anymore. hehe. i asked him, 'would you mind if i want to take a picture with you ?' and he's fine with it. hehe .. well, beside him is a piano. this is the room i enter for about 30+ times a day .

this one is kak liana. okay, she's so pretty. i love her face. thats all. heh :]
and this one is Kak Mira Kay. she's very friendly and talkative. well, she start the conversation with me first. i like her ! hehe.
and this is, Kak Aida :] she's cute and have a sweet smile . hehe

okay , nothing much to say. speechless. wait. later i'll post bout my sista.

Thursday, August 18


i think i like my examiner :] okay2, his name is Mr. Donald Ellman. he's so cute like my father. yeah, his 65 years old and yet he looks younger than his age. wayyyy youngerrr..

first time i saw him, i was like, "whut ?bring pillows to examination room ? ahh, so cuteee!" the way he hold his pillows, okay like a baby ! im trying to assist him, to make the examination run smooth.

first day was, GREAT ! he said , 'very fast working with you. i u enjoy today ?'
awwww, i miss this already. wait, dont think that im crazy . im just, like cute people !

second day, i think im soo blur and i messed up everything. i think so. but , he support me. he never get mad at me. he is very kind .. heee ! whenever he needed something, he will politely (cutely is a better word to use) ask it from me... and im as his steward trying my best even i am always blurrr. haaishh... my badd

btw, before he studied music , he studied for civil engineering at South Africa. but then, he's interest is more towards music. yeah that why he looks young i think. doing something that he like and love. happily doing his job.. ahh, so cuteee.

im sad that im no longer his steward. oh no ! im gonna miss the way he looks at me when im doing something silly or blur. my conversation with him that i think, oh no. kesiannya die buat cmtuu..

sir : *out of him room and trying to find me.* i want teabag.. its finish inside.
me : teabag. errrr **mane aku nk cri teabag ni ?
he asked other stewards. but then, everyone was like not 'layaning' him. no, its not like that sir. its because we are finding ways to asked for your teabag. i wanna asked him , but then the question doesn't come out. and yes, im sorry sir.
sir : coffee? no, i dont want coffee.

i asked another stewards bcause i think , he might really want teabag badly. i called housekeeping. but they are too late. then i get teabag from another examiners. mr. donald was so happy when he got his teabag. how cute , right ? with his face. ohh, i miss working with you,sir..

just before we're going back,

sir : so, today is really your last day ? *bnyk kali tnye soalan sama
me : yes sir.
sir : ohh no.. *making sad face* so u're going to go to other venue ?
me : yes sir. i think so. for tomorrow only. i have to replace my friend.
sir : then i will *forgot the words he used* (lambai2) you from here.
that time i was like. oh no please don't .
me : okay sir :] im sorry for everything .
sir : nah, you're doing great, zakirah ! im happy ..
me : thank you , sir. okay bye2 .

SEDIH okay ! hurm..

why suka jd steward dia ?
dia tak marah2. *cara pendekatan yg sgt baik
dia comel ! ape2 die buat smua nmpk comel.
die bnyk menyenangkan kerja2 keah. okay *last day ni plg sng sbb form xpyh isi rumit2 sgt.
die akan tlg keah, if die tgk keah kelam kabut.
for example :
1 hari tu, both our card can't be access. so, he go downstairs to unlock the card. why ? because that time i have a candidate that want to register. *kalau keah, no no no ! i don't want to go downstairs. wasting time and energy. kah2.

then, this 1 day. i pray and late for a minutes. then, when im opening my table, he helped to adjust the table.

die seorang manusia yg ade sifat considerate. wth ayat smua cm lintangpukang. nvm.

btw, since yesterday i think of taking a picture with him . but then i totally forgot it. well, i want to take my picture with him tomorrow. insyaAllah. he's going to fly to England next week on Friday. oh, i hope he will hve safe journey to England :]

parents & teachers


ape kene mengena parents/teachers and ABRSM ? keah jd steward untuk tempoh masa yang singkat. ye, walaupun sekejap, tp parents and teachers bnyk mengganggu kerja2 kami as steward. its EXAM place, people. you can't talk. you must SILENT your phone. silent phone doesn't mean buleh ckp hndphone smpai buleh dgr dr jauh. please respect candidates yang tgh exam la ...

ape kerja kami ? well, kami as a steward kene pastikan nama betul (untuk sijil) so i must make sure all of it. then, kami guide students macam mane nk isi semua. oh yaa, ade satu slip ni students kene isi sndiri. parents cm buat muka bila kami suruh isi sndiri. WHYY ?! because kami xmahu sebarang kesilapan diletakkan pada kami. eleh skemanya ayat kau... tahu lah korang semua suka BLAME other people.

bila da daftar ape smua, kami akan suruh candidates and family pergi tunggu kat waiting room. ade 2 bilik yang dijadikan waiting room. but why smua parents nk duduk kat luar ? xpaham ke tujuan waiting room ? durhh..sebab kami nk exams dijalankan dengan lancar tnpa sebarang gangguan dr ibubapa,keluarga, tiada tangisan anak2 kecil, tiada upacara larian di sekitar tmpt exams.UPSR PMR SPM semua ujian korang leh pulak dengar arahan.

antara 'perbualan' dengan parents/teachers ;

*gambar hiasan.
steward : miss, could you please wait in the waiting room please? thank you .
miss : its full. there's no more sit left.
steward : then why don't you just stand inside the waiting room ?
miss : there's hot in there.
steward : i can make the room cooler.
miss : nah, nvm. *tak bergerak lak kauuu

steward : sir, please .. you ganggu exams*talk loud when otp.
sir : ha yes.. *continue talking.

just hope the parents and teachers be more considerate . please, examiner da pernah halau parents. nasib baik die xpotong mrkh. so, xnk kene potong mrkh, dgr ckp sikit. arahan kan suh dgr kata2 steward. haishhh ! BUT , tak smua yg xdgr ckp. there's parents yg sgt2 memahami. thanks2 ;]

tomorrow kene jaga lg . mari bkerja esok pagi dengan harapan parents sangat2 memahami.